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Vinyl Record Sleeve - Package 2: 50pcs. Inner Sleeves

Vinyl Record Sleeve - Package 2: 50pcs. Inner Sleeves

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SLEEVES by “Invest in Vinyl”

Once your records are clean, it’s time to properly store them. Older records came in cheap sleeves that yellowed over time, so it’s worth upgrading them with a more effective set. Use these while storing your records to ensure your freshly cleaned or newly purchased vinyls don’t get dusty in between spins.


🟢PACKAGE 2 : 50 LP Inner Sleeves Anti Static Square Vinyl Record Protectors

* ANTI STATIC to ensure your records reject static electricity that can damage vinyl by attracting harmful dust and dirt
* PERFECT FIT inner sleeves are optimally designed to fit a single 12" record, there is no excess at the top of the sleeve after inserting the record

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