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Incubus - Morning View

Incubus - Morning View

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Incubus - Morning View
Double Vinyl (2LP)

With the brooding and crunchy musical themes of Morning View, it's almost hard to imagine that the album was written and recorded in the relaxed atmosphere of a California beach house. Drummer Jose Pasillas offers tasty percussive coloring in the breakout single, "Wish You Were Here." the song's trippy verses set against it's heavily strummed choruses fits the profile of push-and-pull dynamics that Incubus fans have come to expect. "11am" touches on regret and indecision with some neo-Eastern flavor and Mike Patton-inspired vocalizing by front man Brandon Boyd. "Float" borrows from traditional Asian music and shows the band's near-fearless spirit of experimentation. Morning View's most eccentric track is the crafted epic "Just a Phase," whose quirky time signature changes and adventurous arrangement show that Incubus has a great deal more to offer than strategically placed turntable scratches.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1 Nice to Know You
2 Circles
3 Wish You Were Here
4 Just a Phase
Disc: 2
1 11 am
2 Blood on the Ground
3 Mexico
Disc: 3
1 Warning
2 Echo
3 Have You Ever
Disc: 4
1 Are You In?
2 Under My Umbrella
3 Aqueous Transmission

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